My belly button scab finally came off. It very much reminded me of a newborn baby, which was weird. I have one of the smallest belly buttons any adult has ever had. But hey, I have a belly button. 😉 Not having one could have been cool too because then I could have claimed that I was alien and have no parents. Hee hee. Even with the swelling my abs are looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Eric thinks the hip to hip scabby scar makes it difficult to visualize (he calls it “noise”) what the end result will look like. In my head my tummy is 1000% better than it was going in.

Rebecca Jensen Maw gave a tree necklace that I have taken to be the “tree of life” that I wear almost every day. She is an incredible human being and has done such a wonderful job as a wife and mom during this crazy year. It is so good to see Johnny Maw and how good he is doing. He has always been sharp, but now he is super duper sharp! I love seeing the Maws and when I go a few days without seeing them, I experience withdrawal. I haven’t seen the Jensens or Johnny’s Mom and Dad since the hospital and I miss them too. What a fantastic family.

I feel pretty good from day to day, but can’t live with out the elastic band that I wear around my mid section. Without it is very uncomfortable. With it… I am uncomforable, hot and sweaty, but still the lesser of two evils. The bands are the same width for everyone. John is an entire foot taller than me, so his band fits properly. Mine covers almost my entire torso. I would have been a rebel during Victorian times, because I would have refused to wear a bodice!

I feel good to do most things, but I will not be cleared for exercise until the six week mark. Most people say they do not feel comfortable running for eight weeks. Running causes a tugging sensation where Billy used to be. I over do it from time to time (hard to imagine right?) and then I pay for the next couple of days. Still working on drinking enough water! My blood levels are great and my hematocrit (sp?) back to normal. It is so hard to believe that the surgery was just three and a half weeks ago.

We had our last dinner delivered last week. Wow, I really got used to that. I feel that I have been able to focus on my kids a lot the last couple of weeks being mostly home bound. This time has been very special to me and my family. Eric Bergstrom has been wonderfully supportive and I would not have been able to do this without him. He is my rock! Thank you everyone for all that you have done for us. The kidney donation will be a defining experience in my life. Our bodies are amazing and capable of extraordinary things.

Looking forward I am hoping to work with Intermountain Organ Recovery by being a mentor for prospective Living Donors. I am also in contact with the organizers of the LDO (Living Donor Organization) Marathon or Grandmas Marathon as it is better known. It is rated the 5th best marathon in the country!! Achiva Energy is all set to be a sponsor in June 2012. We will also be working to help raise money for Swimming for Kidneys. They raise money to send transplant kids to a special camp. Pay it forward “Yo” as John would say.

There are so many people waiting, hoping and praying that someday they too will find a match that can drastically improve their quality of life. Love and nameste, Tori